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Latests production update: just finished the Pirate Camp trailer video in conjunction with Artists of the Industry and The Artist Space!


@blacksbackbone - instagram : For Booking Contact Sully at 847-429-8817

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First Contact - The Interactive Experience

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Black’s Backbone will be performing at the historical Wilmette Theatre, located just north of Chicago, in early Summer 2019. A run of eight shows will allow the public to experience the interactive playable devices that are an integral part of the show. Audience will be up and involved, playing with the band on these custom built systems that programmer Nathan Glynn has brought to life.

The show flows from artist to artists, scene to scene with various audience participants able to step in and literally play the systems live. Love it or hate it this is an experience that is unique, and each show is considerably different based on the how the audience plays the devices. Described as Blue Man Group crossed with the Black Eyed Peas, Black’s Backbone shows careful consideration to the multi-faceted experience.

Full Calendar coming soon!

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Single Release - Murder Book

Black’s Backbone is excited to release their first single, “Murder Book” in early February! This track fuses house music with a story of dance crazes throughout the history of western pop music!

Lyrics by Patrick “Sully” Sullivan.

Music by Blizzle . LISTEN BELOW!

Who is Black’s Backbone?

Short and Punchy:

Black’s Backbone is a band that creates experiences at the intersection of video games and pop music.


Black’s Backbone is an American pop group formed around Chicago composer, singer and producer “Blizzle.” With core collaboration including NAE, Sully, Harmonie Phoenix, Patrick “Sully” Sullivan and Nathan Glynn, Black’s Backbone pushes pop art boundaries, interactive concerts and visual art.

More in-depth:

Lead by Ryan Black AKA "“Blizzle,” and featuring other notable Chicago voices including K.Joy/Harmonie Phoenix and NAE, Black’s Backbone creates original music that is both fun and thoughtful then fuses this with custom built interactive visuals and experiences. Black's Backbone defies categorization merging genres, styles and influences from house music, classical, Bollywood, EDM, Jazz, rap and everything in between, and still crafting compelling accessible songs. They are an experience at the intersection of intellectual, experimental and fun.

Who is “Blizzle”

Ryan Black AKA “Blizzle” is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, record producer, President of REB Records and leader of Black’s Backbone. With a vast artistic vision for creating experiences, Blizz is grounded by almost two decades of audio production and professional work as a jazz and classical musician.

In talking about what actually makes Black’s Backbone tick he said, “the key to Black’s Backbone is the people, and each member’s drive to be involved, create and learn. Everyone must have their own goals, must want to put in the time to really learn something. Then we figure out how to fit it all together.”

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Holding it together

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Nathan Glynn

Programming the world of Black’s Backbone

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Harmonie Phoenix

Rise up!

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Synths, guitar, vocals, lyrics, visual director - @naesynthpop

South Side Shakespeare

South Side Shakespeare

Lays down the lows.

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Kaptain Karl

Keeps us in line.