REB Records

Passionate Artists. Unique Projects. Unlimited Potential.

REB Records supports artists with a passion to create by connecting them with resources, tools and industry. 

Equipment at The Artist Space

Members of The Artist Space have access to all the equipment needed for producing professional tracks. 

  • Logic Pro as the primary DAW

  • Standard Shure SM58s and SM57s

  • Audio Technical 4050

  • Audio Technical SM94s

  • Acoustic piano

  • Focusrite Scarlette 18i20

  • KRK VXT 8s and KRK sub10 for monitoring

  • Four screens

  • An electronic drum set

  • Fender electric guitar

  • Yamaha electric bass

  • An acoustically treated room

Members can also request specific gear if needed, including:

  • Shure KSM44s

  • Shure SM81s

  • Neumann KM184s

  • Audio Technical 4051s

  • AKG414 XLIIs

  • Various percussion instruments.

In addition TAS members have access to other studios in the Chicagoland area to record live drums and larger groups.

Coming Soon! 

Chord progressions, arpeggiation patterns, sample packs and more!