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TEE 1600 EuroAm.jpeg

Euro-American Electrick Glowstick Dance Bunny

by TEE

Euro-American Electrick Glowstick Dance Bunny is the second TEE (Tina’s Electronic Ear) release. Here Tina Lambert and the Black’s Backbone production team come together for a second time, with soulful grooves and dense harmonies, pulling influences from dubstep, soul, r&b, dance and other genres.


Tina Lambert: Vocals, Harmonies

BB Mayes: Lyrics (and some backup vocals here and there)
Ryan Black: Backup vocals, synths, bass, guitars, horns, drums

Mixed by Ryan Black
Produced and Composed by Black’s Backbone
Mastered at The Boiler Room
Art by Amy L.

Coming Soon! 

Chord progressions, arpeggiation patterns, sample packs and more!