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Spiritual Sould Goddess Cover.jpg

Spiritual Soul Goddess

by Kym Franklin

True soul music has the reputation for delivering simple human truths with passion, honesty and vibrant rhythms. This second release from The Cleft Way is 100% Kym Franklin trusting her faith and vocally letting it all go.  BB Mayes, working closely with Kym brings his experience as a lyricist and arranger into the mix with Mark Burleson playing and molding the sound.  The album title ‘Spiritual Soul Goddess’ pays homage to the tradition of soul music, as well as blues and gospel.  The Goddess is not Kym Franklin, but the songs and the feelings they stir in the listener.  Kym is merely the messenger and the messages are powerful ones.    ”Your Clothes”, “Lighthouse” and “Where’s William” are mandatory listening for anyone with a heart.