REB Records

Passionate Artists. Unique Projects. Unlimited Potential.

REB Records supports artists with a passion to create by connecting them with resources, tools and industry.

Latests production update: just finished the Pirate Camp trailer video in conjunction with Artists of the Industry and The Artist Space!


Blizzle at Photoshoot.jpg

Ryan “Blizzle” Black

Composer, Engineer, Producer, President

Ryan is a muti-instrumentalist, composer, mixing engineer, show producer and the president of REB Records. Trained as a classical and jazz musician, as well as an engineer, Ryan brings a refined ear to projects from symphony orchestras to rock bands.

Ryan composes music for all types of projects from commercial spots to pop songs, and can be found performing with Black’s Backbone under the moniker “Blizzle”

He enjoys building ice rinks, testing the hot sauces, teaching audio production and installation art.

Sully with Camera on Purple.jpg

Patrick “Sully” Sullivan

Producer, Creator, Songwriter, CEO

Sully has worked as a songwriter for twenty-plus years, helping produce songs heard on national radio and syndicated TV shows. He is a creative driver behind many of the shows, albums and artists that REB Records has produced. As a co-leader of the band “Theft to the Gallows” he dominates the stage, but still finds time to work with many artists as a lyricist and songwriter.

Sully helps bring inspiration to projects. He combines velvet gloves and hard-core metal attitude to help every artist, student and friend meet their goals.

NAE in front of sign.jpg


Artist, Composer, Photographer, Marketing Specialist

JaNae “NAE” Contag is an artist of wide talents and visions. A songwriter, singer, photographer and installation artist, she explores the uncanny-valley, society’s fascination with the fabricated image, and the decay of strip malls across the US. All wrapped in super-fun 80s inspired synth pop music!

NAE is also a documentary and music video filmmaker, editor, and producer and specializes in thoughtfully pushing boundaries.

NAE enjoys a great bourbon paired with a great idea!


Nathan Glynn

Computer and Visual Programmer

Nathan Glynn is the best creative programmer! Well, he definitely has a unique background as a professional baker, voice over artist, sound designer and programmer. Nathan has worked on VR projects with Marriott Hotels, United Airlines, Hilton and VR movies for Oculus.

Nathan is an expert in Unity game engine where he brings visuals to life in interactive art and unique game mechanics.

Richy with Mayes.jpg

Ricky Romanek

The intern. Filming, Editing and Marketing

Ricky is currently studying film and has worked with REB Records on promotional material as well as second shooting. He will work closely with JaNae to roll out the 2019 Black’s Backbone show and to help craft the message and image of various entities affiliated with the label.

Ricky writes screen plays, is a movie buff and also performs stand up comedy when he is not being an excellent student in all respects.


Nia S. Adero

Artist, Vocalist, Lyricist, and Marketing Advisor

Nia Adero A.K.A. K.Joy A.K.A Harmonie Phoenix is a singer and lyricist and hit songs under her belt. With projects ranging from R&B to House to Rock she a versatile and formidable performer.

Nia has been a part of the REB team for several years poppin’ in to help in sessions, live shows, marketing outreach and remix competitions. She loves the fun, loves the sun and rocks a stage harder than anyone!